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To comprehend the real South America, live like the wealthy familys of history on their large haciendas with horses to ride, cattle, historic homes and fresh  grown food.  Each day learn the secrets that their ancestors shared with the land.  Owners are usually the sons and grandsons and daughters of the original owners who can tell stories of how life was in the early days of each country.  Learn about the land, the wines, the horses and the livestock as you ride, hike and explore these historic areas with the families of their descendents who are sharing their homes with you.

Estancia Candelaria -Buenos Aires
Estancia Los Ptos - Buenos Aires
Estancia de Charme El Colibri- Cordoba
Estancea Colome - Molinos
Estancia El Bordo de las Lanzas - Salta
Estamcoa Rincon Chico - Peninsula Valdez
Estancia Peuma Hue - Bariloche

Hacienda El Paraiso - Cali
Hacienda Bambusa - Armenia
Hacienda Combia - Quindo

Hacienda Zuleta - Imbabura
Hacienda Cusin - Otovalo
Hacienda Hato Verde - Latacunga
Hocienda Manteles - Patate
Hacineda Umbria - Latacunga

Hacienda Cayara - Potosi

Casona Matetic
Los Lingues - Colchagua
Hacienda Tres Lagos - Patagonia
Terra Luna Lodge - Carretera Austral

Hacienda San Jose -Chincha
Casa Hacienda Shismay - Huanuco
Hacienda Mallkini - Titicaca

Reserva do Ibitipoca - Ibitipoca